Multimedia storage viewer: P-5000/P-2500

Seiko Epson CorporationSeiko Epson Corporation

Photo Fine Player is a portable multimedia storage viewer with a high-capacity hard disc (HDD) and large LCD screen. Using Photo Fine Player, users can check photos on site, store data as storage media, or play various multimedia data including moving picture or music data. The new model, P-5000 is installed with 4.0 inch high color range and high-precision Photo Fine Ultra LCD. It is the first portable unit in the world to support AdobeR RGB for wide color reproduction range. Using original technologies from Epson, it realizes a wide color range that has been difficult for LCDs in existing portable equipment. It is superior in reproducing the natural color details of objects in high saturation. It supports CD/SD memory cards and USB host/device connections for data import or data transport, with outside equipment for backup to external storage.



Secure and reliable file operation and management functions provided by PrFILE are useful for data file transfer between memory cards or USB devices. Also, PrUSB/Host USB host functions provide direct data transfer with digital cameras, card readers or other external storage without a PC. PrUSB/Device supports a connection with PCs or other USB host equipment. PrKERNELv4 is responsible for whole-system task management, memory management, and real-time processing.