The eT-Kernel Platform is an integrated software solutions platform and consists of RTOS, IDE, and middleware. Professional services are available to assist ODMs and OEMs. The eT-Kernel Partner Program is designed to thoroughly support our customers' embedded systems development with our partners so that their products, whether hardware or software, are seamlessly integrated into the eT-Kernel Platform.

Registering to become an eSOL partner is easy, and we proactively support eT-Kernel Partner Program members to develop and integrate their products to be compatible with the eT-kernel Platform.

If you are an IP/chip vendor, tool vendor, middleware developer, or system integrator, and offer complementary development solutions or technology, then this partner program will benefit you in many ways, from acquiring new opportunities to business sales and marketing programs.

Program Benefit

  • Discounts on eSOL products and services (*1)
  • Referral from eSOL sales personnel to customers
  • Company profile and products on eSOL website, press release, events, and other co-marketing activities

*(*1) A separate T-License contract with T-Engine Forum is required for eT-Kernel purchase

Partner Qualification

Partner should be a company, who either possesses or can develop product (*2) that enhances/complements the eT-Kernel Platform.

*(*2) Partner product should be sold on commercial-basis, and should cover at least one of the following;

  • Runs on eSOL OS (e.g. your middleware applications)
  • Runs in combination with eSOL OS (e.g. driver, hyper-visor, semiconductor device, boards)
  • Runs in combination with eSOL IDE (e.g. JTAG ICE, verification/test tool, code analysis tool)

Potential Partners

  • Middleware vendor:

    graphic, communication/security protocol, database, etc

  • Semiconductor/IP vendor:

    CPU, controller (USB, WiFi, graphic), etc

  • Board Manufacturer
  • Development tool vendor:

    simulation tool, design tool, code analysis tool, inspection/test tool, hardware debugger, etc