Evaluation Kits are provided for the T-Kernel base software platform with the real-time operating system eT-Kernel at the core that can easily evaluate at a low cost.

The software necessary for evaluation, including the real-time operating system, development tools, extensive middleware, and drivers, is already integrated and ready for immediately on specific hardware. Evaluation can begin immediately after obtaining the software. This is ideal for evaluating the performance and quality of the eT-Kernel platform.

Main Features of the eT-Kernel Platform

    Existing ITRON/T-Kernel assets are easy to reuse 
    Best-in-class reliability and real-time capabilities 
    Multi-core processors are also supported, including both SMP and AMP architectures 
    Middleware supporting file system, USB, and TCP/IP networking are provided along with major device drivers 
    Dedicated development tools are provided 
    C/C++ compilers are bundled, along with a genuine Arm Ltd toolchain in the case of an Arm target
    Complete professional services can also be provided