eMCOS SDK is perfect for evaluating many-core processors and eMCOS many-core processor RTOS. Developers can immediately execute and evaluate their Linux and TRON software assets on a many-core processor, since eMCOS supports POSIX and T-Kernel APIs and comes with standard driver stacks.

eMCOS SDKs for MPPA®-256 many-core processors are available.


eMCOS SDK consists of runtime software, including eMCOS and middleware components, and eMCOS IDE Plug-in development tools.

Runtime software includes eMCOS RTOS for many-core processors, PrCONNECT/Pro TCP/IP protocol stack, PrFILE2 FAT file system, PrUSB/Host, USB host stack, and Board Support Package (BSP), board-dependent part including device drivers.

eMCOS SDK framework

Hardware environment

eMCOS SDK supports the following environment;

  • MPPA®-256, Andey (Kalray, 256 cores)
  • MPPA® BOARD EMB01 (Kalray)
Host environment
Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS Version 5/6

Note: The eMCOS IDE Plug-in runs on the same host environment as that of the development tools offered by the semiconductor vendor of the target processor.

eMCOS IDE Plug-in

eMCOS IDE plug-in tools are available for application development, and work as plug-ins for the Eclipse-based IDEs offered by many-core processor vendors.

eMCOS IDE plug-in consists of eMCOS-specific system analysis tools and utility software for the use of building, debugging and system analysis.


The Debugger controls the execution of programs with such commands as "go", "step" and "stop" using a debug window for each thread.

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Real-time Profiler

Real-time Profiler is the sampling-based tool for analyzing and showing system performance data. Developers can verify that each core, thread and function delivers the expected performancejust the way they designed it. The Real-time Profiler can record and analyze comparatively long-term operations. It helps you find out where there are bottlenecks in your program when a specific function in the system runs slowly. 

The graphs of CPU utilization of threads (tasks) and functions by each stage—processor overall, specific core, and specific thread-can be shown. A time series graph of CPU utilization is also available. Developers can clearly see the operation efficiency of functions and threads as well as core efficiency.

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Message Profiler

Message Profiler analyses message communication behaviors. The eMCOS utilizes message-passing functions from the OS to the driver, middleware and application. Therefore, developers can see how the system runs by analyzing message passing. 

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Trace Analyzer
Trace Analyzer traces system events including eMCOS API calles, interruptions, and thread switches, analyzing and showing the results.

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