eSOL ELYZER is a low-cost verification tool for CAN communication systems of in-vehicle devices and Factory Automation and other industrial devices. It uses a status transition model based on event and status to implement programs and carry out CAN-simulating communication tests. Test results are automatically output in Microsoft Excel format. Using ELYZER makes it easy to carry out high-quality verification with no leaks.


  •   CAN Bus monitoring function
      Communication simulation via status transition model
      CAN data log replay function
      Test report is automatically created
      Signal values/cycles are analyzed and displayed in graph form
      Measurement can be performed in μSec units
      Compatible with SD memory cards
      Usable with offline PC

Test case creation based on status transition
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Verification possible while monitoring CAN bus
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Test results are automatically output
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  •   High reliability and performance, achieving great success with all types of OEMs and suppliers
      Low implementation cost
      Entrusted development service offered, including for ECU software development