Check List

Don't be a slave to convention.

 Testing after coding is completed. 

Many bugs found during the test phase creep into requirement and design phases. Why wait to test the code after completion?
Using our formal verification approach, you can directly hunt for bugs from requirement specifications and design specifications.

 No way to verify millions of different combinations of state transitions.

Can you create all test cases?
You can automatically detect liveness and deadlock with a method thatchecks all state machines.

 Software reuse is working.

Are you reusing only the source cord? 
To ensure series development success, you need to consider the entire product plan, and product reuse.

 Specifications are always underspecified.

Specifications can be interpreted many different ways. Analyzing postpositions in specifications can find a rule, discrepancies and a lack of information.

 Using a tool improves the quality and efficiency of development.

Does mastering a tool become the goal?
Don’t waste time with superfluous functions --- know what function you need before you begin.

 An object-oriented approach has no behavior model.

Do you think an object-oriented approach is mainly static data structure, that limits your designing know-how? 
Actually, it can synthesize behavior model with trace model.