The evaluation kit for T-Kernel based software platform targeting Intel's Cyclone V SoC is provided. This Evaluation Kit includes a development environment, extended middleware, and sample drivers based on a eT-Kernel MCE (Multi-Core Edition) multi-core real-time operating system supporting the Arm® Cortex®-A9 MPCore™.

This Evaluation Kit can be used to easily and quickly test the solution and subsequently move forward to use this platform for your project.

Target users

This Kit is ideal for users who are:
  • Considering the Cyclone V SoC
  • Using a multi-core processor or Arm Cortex-A9 MPCore for the first time
  • Developing an RTOS based system
  • Interested in T-Kernel, and those currently using μITRON or T-Kernel
  • Looking for an efficient development environment or high-functionality debugging environment
  • Dissatisfied with the development environment they are currently using

Contents of the eT-Kernel/Cyclone V SoC Evaluation Kit

This Evaluation Kit may be used free of charge for 30 days.
The following items are included.

"eT-Kernel MCE” Real-Time Operating System for Multi-Core Processor

"eBinder” Development Environment
*Genuine Arm Ltd compiler (30-day Evaluation License) included

Included middleware and sample drivers

・This Evaluation Kit may only be used for the purpose of evaluation. A separate development license is required for developing a product.
・Package details may be modified in the actual release. Also, package details may vary between Japanese and International versions.
・All run-time software is provided in binary form.
・This Evaluation Kit does not include an evaluation board or JTAG ICE/emulator hardware. Please acquire these separately from an Altera distributor or ICE vendor.
・Please check the usable evaluation boards below. Please inquire here if you would like to evaluate using a different evaluation board.

Supported evaluation boards

  • Cyclone V SX SoC development board
  • Altima's Helio board

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