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[eSOL Newsletter -Vol.8-] Virtualization using eMCOS Scalable RTOS, Enables Control of Linux or Android


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gmixed-criticalityh systems using eMCOS Hypervisor


  • Virtualization using eMCOS Scalable RTOS, Enables Control of Linux or Android

    eSOL will release at the end of March 2020 of eMCOS(R) Hypervisor, an embedded virtualization function for eSOL's eMCOS scalable real-time operating system (RTOS).

    eMCOS Hypervisor is implemented as an extension to the eMCOS POSIX multi-process RTOS. This means that critical applications for eMCOS POSIX can be deployed next to Linux and Android guest OSes on the same hardware platform without impact of real-time and system safety.

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  • Arm Tech Symposia 2019
    eSOL will be participating in Arm Tech Symposia 2019 in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. 

    In this event, eSOL will showcase the following demonstrations:
    - AUBIST Adaptive and Classic Platforms on Renesas R-Car H3 [Products of AUBASS]
    - eMCOS on XILINX MPSoC UltraZ AD

    In conjunction to the theme of our exhibition, we will be making a speech titled "High Performance, Power Efficient platform for MaaS / CaaS and Autonomous Driving" in Shanghai, Taipei, and Seoul.

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  • Recent posted blog article
    Made a Presentation About Autoware on eMCOS in The Autoware Foundation Meetup Event

    eSOL which is a premium member of The Autoware Foundation made a presentation about "Autoware on eMCOS" at The Autoware Foundation meetup event held in Japan for the first time.

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